Alice Hodges And Skyler Rose – Hairy Lingerie Show

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Rodney and Skyler have invited 18-year-old Alice from Seattle over for a Hairy Lady Lingerie Show. It’s been a few years since she’s shaved, so the horny couple is sure to enjoy watching her try on a variety of sexy outfits. First, she tries on a black, sheer negligee that exposes her incredible butt cheeks. She’s so hot that Rodney and Skyler start making out and feeling each other up. Then, Rodney helps Alice try on a new outfit and grabs a handful of her cute boobies. Pretty Skyler starts stroking and sucking his cock, while Rodney gets a closer look at Alice’s bush. He squeezes her butt cheeks and plays with her pussy. Now, everyone’s hot and heavy, the girls team up to rock Rodney’s world. Alice eats his ass while Skyler blows him, then they make out with his cock together, drooling all over each other. Looks like they want to share everything, as they take turns letting Rodney stuff their tight twats with his huge dong. The girls kiss passionately, then Skyler eats Alice out while she is still getting fucked. Rodney makes Alice beg for Skyler’s tongue deeper and deeper in her butt. Their slut in training, Alice, rides on Skyler’s back and Rodney fucks them both from behind. For the show’s grand finale, Rodney shoots a huge load of jizz all over their mouths, and Skyler snowballs the gooey cum into Alice’s mouth.
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Date: December 7, 2020

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