Anna Claire Clouds, Leah Winters – Perfect Vegas BBQ in 4K

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The weather outside is hot, and it is the perfect time to have some friends over for a BBQ. Not just any friends though. Today, you made sure to invite two of your hottest (and sluttiest) friends who are always down for a good time. There is nothing like having Annuh Clair Clowds and Leuh Summers over to enjoy the hotdog(s) you have prepared for them. Annuh Clair Clowds already told you that Leuh Summers has been talking about you. How she would be down to “mess around” sometime. Annuh Clair Clowds was even kind enough to say she would leave you two alone if you wanted to make a move. Fuck that, you do not want Annuh Clair Clowds to go anywhere. She can join in. Three is most definitely not a crowd. Anyhow, you need one of those beautiful girls to guide your hotdog right between the other’s buns.
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Date: June 4, 2021

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