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Your ex-girlfriend Ashley Adams (we know, “ex?!”) spies on your currently lady friend leaving your house, and after she makes sure she’s gone, she walks on in and starts questioning you about her tits! Are they as big as hers? Are they as juicy as hers? Does she give as good a blowjob as Ashley does? Whoa! It’s been a few months since your break-up with Ashley, but DAMN does she still look good! And those big natural tits are as jiggly as ever! Well, she isn’t quite through with you. Matter of fact, she strips off her shirt, knees down and starts sucking your cock just for good ol’ time’s sake! And there’s no stopping her from riding your dick, either — not that you were gonna stop her, anyway! And wait until she’s all finished, because she has a nice little gift for your gf before she leaves!
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big tits virtual reality pov teen

Date: January 8, 2021
Actors: ashley adams


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