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PornMegaLoad – Brooklyn Springvalley – Get To Know Your SCORELAND Neighbors

With her phone in hand and looking out the window of her apartment, Brooklyn Springvalley is having a girl talk session with her bestie. Brooklyn tells her friend that she has a neighbor who makes her hot. He walks by her window every day and she’s always there to check him out. This time, Brooklyn is taking action and decides to waylay him.

Wearing only panties and a bra that can barely contain her twin peaks, Brooklyn raps on the window to stop him. That should be enough but Brooklyn makes sure her signal comes through loud and clear by pressing her huge breasts against her window and waving Nade to come inside.

Brooklyn tells Nade he’s been under her surveillance and wants to know where he goes every day. When she finds out that he’s just going to his job, she tells him that he’s going to be late, and for the greatest reason in the world. She pulls off his shirt and takes his dick in her hand to suck and tit-fuck it.

The new friends get into bed for more cock sucking and…
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Date: January 14, 2022

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