Carmella Clutch – Big Booty Maid Sucks and Fucks in 4K

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This chick had ass for days. After watching her clean for some time, I couldn’t resist any longer and had to offer her some extra though in order to clean my place completely naked. She hesitated at first but once the right amount of money was flashed in her face, she agreed. After watching that huge ass bounce up and down as she cleaned, all I could think about was watching that ass bouncing on my cock. Eventually, I pulled out my dick and flashed her more money. Her money hungry eyes lit up at the sight of all that cash. She began sucking my dick clean, forcing it deep inside her throat repeatedly. After that, she shoved my cock in her vagina. I stretched her pussy further than ever before in several different positions before busting all over her face. Once she was properly fucked, I made her clean up the mess we’d made by licking it up off the floor.
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Date: November 4, 2020

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