Darcie Dolce – The Lesbian Fortune Teller

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(1). THE FORTUNE OF WET PUSSY :- When curvy blonde Hadley Viscara walks into Darcie Dolce’s psychic den, she is in shock. Even before the big tits babe introduces herself, the oracle knows her name. The brunette also knows that Hadley is hard-up for lesbian sex and offers sexual healing to cure her dry spell. As soon as the tattooed enchantress leans in for a French kiss, the innocent girl-next-door is mesmerized. She caresses the alt-girl’s gorgeous natural tits and sucks her nipples, then she slips her tongue through her hairy bush until she orgasms. That’s all the payment Darcie needs. She gets to work curing Hadley with cunnilingus and face-sitting, before bringing her to another intense climax with tribbing, and then another with her magical sex toy.

(2). MY FORTUNE TIMES THREE :- Some fortune tellers have a legitimate gift for seeing into the future, but horny Darcie Dolce only sees the next moment. When big tits Latina Shay Evans and her busty Asian girlfriend Ayumi Anime walk into the the psychic’s lair, she predicts she can fix all of their lesbian sex problems. In order to get a better grip on their issues, she brings them to her sofa, and urges them to get passionate. They prove their lust with a French kiss, but Darcie needs to help them along to their orgasms. A beautiful clit charmer, Dolce casts her spell and becomes the center of a ravenous pussy-licking threesome. Climaxing one after the other, the interracial couple give her thanks for the best sex of their lives!

(3). GYPSIES TRAMPS AND PUSSIES :- Gypsy fortune teller Darcie Dolce draws a card from her tarot deck. It promises parties and good things for her future. It’s the best card she has drawn for herself in years, so she celebrates with a little candlelit masturbation. A knock at the door ruins her orgasm. But when hot Latina Gia Vendetti walks into her life, the sexy lesbian tramp knows that she’s going to get laid. She reads the tattooed babes fortune, and then gets a piece of that big ass, along with a dose of beautiful small tits and shaved pussy. She dives right in with cunnilingus, making the straight girl writhe like mad. Wet and horny, the brunette ravages Darcie’s clit in sixty-nine, climaxes, and gets face-fucked into the future!

(4). WE ARE ALL IN :- Blonde Latina Carmen Caliente and her BFF Kimber Woods have been fucking the same guy. They have no idea how to deal with it, so seek out advice from sexy fortune teller Darcie Dolce. When Darcie predicts that there is no dick in their future, the babes aren’t sure what to do. Fortunately, the hot brunette psychic does. Removing her shirt, she sits between them so they can both suck on her big tits, before Darcy dives into Carmen’s hairy bush for a bit of cunnilingus action. Pussy-licking, it seems, is just what Carmen needs, and exactly what Kimber wants. During an all-out threesome feast full of French kissing, face-sitting and awesome orgasms the lesbian lovers fate is sealed.

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Date: August 31, 2020
Actors: Carmen Caliente


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