Gwen Vicious – You Better Not Tell Our Parents!

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Gwen Vicious is one of those chicks who will never follow the rules. A rebel in every way. College has far too many rules and just bores the fuck out of her. Gwen Vicious is a thrill seeker and sitting in class taking notes just is not keeping her attention. What was keeping her attention was the thought of fucking her hottest professors. Besides the deep and taboo thrill of fucking her teachers perhaps she could score some good grades from it. Unfortunately, this plan seemed to of backfired and got her kicked out of school for the rest of the semester. Not a problem though, Gwen has another taboo desire to fulfill. She is stuck at home for the rest of the year with her stepbrother. Now there is taboo situation that makes her wet even thinking about. Maybe instead of fucking the professors she should be spending the next few weeks fucking her stepbrother’s brains out. Why not take his hard cock up her tight ass right here in the kitchen? Sounds wickedly taboo right?
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Date: September 11, 2020


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