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This weeks recipient of a black cock drilling is Kristina Rose. She starts off the festivities by shaking her money maker outside for all to see. Her bodacious booty is barely covered by a very fortunate bikini. After seeking the safety of the indoors Kristina uses a variety of toys to stretch her sphincter in hopes that it can accommodate Flash Brown’s mammoth chorizo. Kristina’s mouth plays host to Flash’s cock as her esophagus pays the price in order for Kristina Rose to have her fill of interracial sex. Her pussy self lubricates which helps when Flash rams her with his black cannon. Kristina’s screams of joy are equal in pitch as the balls slapping against her pink taco. Her pussy juices drip over to her backdoor which might as well have a sign over it saying “For big black cock only!” Every inch of black dick that gains entry into her asshole is met with moaning and groaning that takes Kristina’s body into a world of pure pleasure. Her gaping bunghole may never go back to its original shape after getting plowed by the biggest cock she’s ever gone to task with. Kristina’s open mouth gets completely bombarded with Flash’s testicular tartar sauce which she gladly gulps down.
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Date: February 25, 2021
Actors: Kristina Rose

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