Mia Linz, Ava Black – Lez Be Friends

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Ever wonder what happens when your hot stepsister and her slutty friends get together? If you happen to be lucky enough to live under same roof as hottie Mia Linz, then their reality is as hot as your filthiest fantasies. Imagine coming home and finding Mia and her best friend Ava Black sitting on the kitchen table in tight shorts and skimpy tops. Picture your sexy stepsister and her friend taking out their big tits and sucking each other’s nipples. They are putting on a show you, teasing you, finding creative uses for the bananas they find on the table. That is only the beginning as they tease you, tell you how much they want you and then spread their pussies side by side on the table. They rub fresh strawberries between their parted thighs, making their creamy slits even sweeter. Are you man enough to come and get their ripe young pussies? Your sister has noticed you watching her. She knows you want a taste and she wants that too. So does her super hot friend. But first you have to watch them play with each other. Watch their pretty wet pussies get fingered. Then, maybe they will invite you for more.
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Date: December 21, 2021
Actors: Ava Black / Mia Linz

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