MyPervyFamily – Kate Dee – Step-Aunts Dick Pics Obsessi

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MyPervyFamily – Kate Dee – Step-Aunts Dick Pics Obsession

Step-Aunt Kate Dee has always got the latest tech, that’s why I (Johnny The Kid) use her phone for gaming now & then. What I didn’t expect while I was trashing alien invaders was a volley of dick pics flooding into her messages! I decided to use this to my advantage & confront her about it. She is totally flustered when I bring it up making all kinds of excuses, but I nailed her on this and she reluctantly admitted she gets turned on by random dick pics. What a slut! Obviously, the ball is in my court so I pull my own big cock out and Step-Aunt Kate immediately starts blushing. I try to convince her to mess around & after a while she agrees to touch it. But that touching turns to stroking and the stroking to sucking. She let me pull down her leggings and shove my cock in her from behind. I’m fucking her and playing with her oh-so-round ass when we decide to move to the bedroom in case we get caught. When she rides me you can see how her pussy clings on to her step-nephew’s big dick as it stretches her out. She let me get on top and fuck her while I squeezed her big juicy tits until I creampied my step-aunt’s very willing pussy. Anyone down for some Alien Invaders? I go by Aunty_Fucker69, loom me up.
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Date: December 18, 2021
Actors: Dee / Kate Dee

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