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Harley Quinn has been dragged onto this silly TV segment by Mistah Jay, but what he DOESN’T tell her is that it is actually a fansign bukkake broadcast!! In order to repay the fellow degenerates of Gotham who adore villains, the Joker has set up this exclusive event. BEHOLD! The camera man starts her off to get Harley comfortable with the situation, completely ruining her beautiful shiny suit!! Well, might as well let the others in, don’t want to disappoint the fanbase, right? One by one, several fans step into the “Harley Quinn Fansign Cumshow”, having Harley write their names on their favorite body parts and coat them with huge loads of sticky, hot cum!! In this extra long video, enjoy cumshots on the neck, tits, upper pussy, thighs, ankle n ass!!!
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Date: August 28, 2021

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