Romi Rain – My First Sex Teacher

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Jessy is up to to no good. He got the urge to fap while at school and had the smart idea of doing it in the teacher’s bathroom. His hot teacher, Romi Rain, catches him and has him report to her classroom immediately. Well, the only reason Jessy was fapping is because he can’t stop thinking about how hot Romi is! That doesn’t get Jessy out of hot water though. You see, Jessy is on a student visa and if word of his bathroom escapades got out he would easily be sent back. Romi doesn’t want him to get kicked out, so she’s willing to work with him. She wants him to show her exactly what he was doing in the bathroom. Jessy drops trou and begins masturbating for Romi, but Romi thinks she can do better. She takes a hold of his cock and doesn’t let go until he fucks her pussy good and comes all over her pretty face.
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Date: March 23, 2021
Actors: Romi Rain

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