Tory Sweety – The Sister Diary

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When you have dirty desires that seem like something out of a VR Porn Movie, it is a good idea not to write them down. Tory Sweety finds out the hard way when her pervy stepbrother finds her private diary. He reads her confessions about family fantasies fueled by VR Porn Scenes and confronts her. The last time he put on her VR Headset, she masturbated to a fantasy of fucking brother. She wondered if his cock was as big and if he could fuck her as hard as the VR Porn Stars she watched. It was just a fantasy for her, but he is intent on taking it further. She wants you to promise not to tell, but before you agree you put on your VR Headset and make her read her dirty stories while you watch VR Porn Movies. She sees your cock and the temptation is just too great. Putting her mouth on your cock, Tory sucks and strokes like she has seen in Virtual Reality Porn. She is making her dream come true and making your cock throb. You get rid of your VR Goggles and just enjoy her pretty face bobbing in your lap. It is your turn to make her feel good, so you take your cock and slide it right into her tight pussy. No one in your favorite VR Porn Series looks as sexy as sister does when she is bouncing on your dick. Her filthy fantasies are coming true and you are coming all over her pretty face. Thanks to High Definition Virtual Reality, you get to live it out and stroke right along with her.
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Date: September 15, 2020

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