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So I’m out of town at the porn expo doing my 1 2 thing. I had done a lot of shoots and was on my way to get something to eat. I get in the elevator and there is this thick healthy chicks who out of nowhere tells me how she heard me fucking last night. Apparently her room was next door to mine and she heard a shoot going down. I thought she was going to complain but instead she wondered if I could make her scream the same way. I was taken aback and thought she was joking until I got off the elevator and there she was following me. I knew she was serious then. She wanted to see what was making the woman from last night scream so much. The moment we walked in the room she asked me to drop my pants. The moment I did she dropped right to her knees and started worshiping Big Black Dick. She was a serious Size Queen and let it be known how much she loved my Big Black Dick. She went to work breaking my dick down with that wet hungry mouth. She gawked, and gnawed on my dick, had it all sloppy wet till she just could not help it anymore and jumped on. It was a super tight fit but her pussy was just as wet and I slide in like it was meant to be. I loved how this woman went to work on my dick. Both mouth and pussy were hungry I made sure both were well feed. This Size Queen loves Monstercock less
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Date: January 17, 2022

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