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[VirtualTaboo.com] Ava Koxxx (Mom Made Me Some Breakfas

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When her husband went to work that fateful morning, busty brunette bombshell Ava decided that today would be the day she finally got to taste her stepson’s large wiener. Taking a breakfast tray filled with food to his bedroom, this fantastic MILF decided to wake up the hung son of her hubby and immediately start flirting with him by licking a paprika and putting it between her boobs. Seeing how this fired him up, our desirable mom Ava went on and took a sausage before licking it as well. Soon enough, her tatas popped out and she used doughnuts to cover her nipples before taking two bananas, sliding them between her giant tits and pretending to suck them. But of course, neither her stepson nor this hot stepmom could handle all of the heat anymore, so he went on to lick her nipples and play around with her hooters before she had him lie down in the bed and blew his stiff shaft like a pro. Then, our sexy Ava sat down in the chair for some pussy-licking before having her stepson drink milk off of her large melons. After that, she finally took his hard pecker and slid it deep inside of her already dripping wet twat for a ride before turning her round tush towards her stepson and bouncing on his dick in the reverse cowgirl position. When she was done doing that, she then let the dude hammer her orgasmic pussy from behind before making him lie down again and sucking him off in order to taste the white cum coming out of his cock.
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Date: August 2, 2020
Actors: ava koxxx


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