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Anna Claire Clouds, Judy Jolie & Sera Ryder – Dorm 5

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The Fifth version of Dorm Room….Starring your favorites: Anna Claire Clouds, Judy Jolie & Sera Ryder

From a reviewer:: One of the best Friday Foursomes they’ve done!

The camera angles and positions were well done. Distances all felt “just right”. No giraffe-neck, and no no-neck. The seated BJ was incredible. They gave the triple BJ of their life! And then when Sera did the titty fuck, while Anna/Sera came up close and shoved their tits in the camera, kissed in front of the camera, and licked the guy’s body… that could have been the end of the scene right there. Mainly cuz I could barely contain myself at that point lol.

And wow, the hype of Anna Claire Clouds is so real. She was always giving so much attention to the viewer. Whispering up close, always putting her face right next to the viewer’s cheeks/neck/chest. Seeing her sexy eyes look up at me constantly was so hot. And seriously, the stamina of this stunt cock… I cannot believe how he could last through all of that Anna twerking / grinding, while Sera and Judy rub his balls, lick his nipples, kiss him everywhere… that dude has been blessed with powers unknown to man!

Seriously, so thrilled with this scene, and so happy to see the return of the Dorm Room series. Always been one of my favorite scenarios. Brings me back to my college days… minus the foursome part lol.

Well done, NA! Well done!!!
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Date: April 5, 2021


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