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If you are fantasizing for your hot officemate or your boss, you clicked on the right video. Honey Demon, wearing her sexy office getup is having a meeting with you about work at her pad. She invited you there to discuss your performance. Honey isn’t happy and asks if what happens to yourself. You are snitched by your fellow officemates as you party like no other and isn’t serious about your work. Honey being professional suggests what can be the solution for this. She threatens you that you will lose your job if you keep on doing what you are doing. There is only one way out of this if you decide to fuck her right there, right now at the living room.
Who are you to deny the request of your hot boss? Especially when her feet are already stimulating your crotch. She keeps on doing that until you get hard and soon finally unzip your pants and surprise on how big your member is. Your nympho boss can’t get over with your size and soon her mouth is already full with your big cock. She starts to use her skills on her blowjob technique and it was great. Honey Demon spent countless minutes, blowing that big cock of yours. You wish that she will not stop for a while. You will not get enough of Honey’s blowjob and we can’t blame you.

She will surprise you after her sloppy wet blowjob she will use both of her best assets and starts fucking your cock. Her boobies are so huge your schlong will definitely get dominated with its size. Honey did a great job with her best effort to satisfy her favorite employee by her titjob. She wants it to be memorable for you so that you will behave soon after your hot, raunchy session.

Honey Demon isn’t finished surprising you with kinky stuff. She is wearing beneath her office jacket a black, tight, shiny leather and her big fake titties are already showing. She let you stare down on it and touch it the way she likes it. This naughty boss even bends over in front of you and start to tease you with her curvy butt. She will ask if you can spread her butt cheeks as she will love for you to see her pussyslit. Her lovely cunt looks luscious and you will request if you can poke that slit by your big cock. Honey Demon happily obliged.

She starts sitting on your big cock with no hesitation and starts pumping her curvy hips up and down to your member. With her tightness and the view of her huge knockers, you will get cum easily but you are eager to prolong this surreal event with your horny boss. After this position, you guys did the reverse and this time it is a view of her big booty. Her big booty is something to watch for especially if you are fucking her on this position. You will definitely in awe by your boss for the efforts you put into just to make her employees happy.

After a series of positions like a spoon and the good old missionary now is every guy’s favorite position. The doggystyle! This time you are wanting to unload that cum of yours as you keep on fucking that tight pussy in the dogstyle position. Honey Demon’s moans turn into screams as she begs you to fuck her harder until you cum right into her buttcheeks. It was a satisfying finish and Honey promises that this will happen again if you behave the right way. That is a good deal!
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Date: October 7, 2020
Actors: Honey Demon


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