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Clara Mia – Freedom Is Not Free

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Clara Mia’s boyfriend is handsome, rich and insanely jealous. When he has to leave the country for a business trip he has a surprise for her that she is less than pleased with. He has her fitted for a chastity belt to make sure she doesn’t stray while he is away. She has never cheated on him and his lack of trust makes her angry. Stuck at home with nothing to do, she finds herself fixated on the belt and how to get it off. When she realizes that it will be impossible to do it herself, she calls a repairman for help. Her request is an unusual one, but he has the tools necessary to help the beautiful woman. In this VR porn video, Clara begs for his assistant, even offering to pay double his rate. He agrees and gets the device half off before he tells her that he has changed his mind. He has seen her body up close and now, in addition to the promised funds, he demands that she fuck him if he gets her out of the belt. She really has no other option and is rather anxious to get even with her boyfriend for putting her in the belt in the first place. Agreeing to his terms she takes his hard cock in his hand, stroking it until it is hard and ready for her mouth. She has never cheated on her boyfriend before but is not shy about giving this stranger pleasure. Since the belt is partially off, he is able to bend her over and slip right into her wet pussy. It feels better than she imagined and Clara finds herself pushing back to take more of his cock. After he makes her cum, the repairman removes the belt completely and to thank him, she rides him again until he shoots his load all over her face. With the belt off and her boyfriend away, she is going to fuck this guy dry for a week.
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Date: October 19, 2021


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